CBD Oil Usage For Animals

cbd oil for animals

In recent years CBD oil has become more and more used by people every day and is gaining traction quickly. So quickly, in fact, that pet companies have caught on with the trend and have actually started making and developing CBD products for animals and pets.

How does it exactly work?

CBD works with animals just like it does with humans. Animals and humans share the same qualities in that we both produce cannabinoids and have receptors that respond to CBD products and treatment. There has been a lot of research on CBD in recent years, on its effects and usability. What some people don’t understand is that animals can also get stressed or feel anxious. Tests have also been conducted to test its effectiveness with animals, specifically with cats, dogs and horses, research showed that CBD oil showed great results in terms of medical treatment to these problems, it can also be used as a treatment for small amounts of pain.

What does it do for animals?

CBD products can be used to cure anxiety and can be used to calm animals down in a controlled manner. This a great substitute to tranquilisers for horses as it can cause a high whereas CBD products cannot and is a much safer way to calm an animal down, as sometimes with tranquilisers there is a chance the animal may not wake up.

horse and human

Some animals may be badly behaved or unresponsive to calls and simple orders. CBD can be used to calm aggressive dogs down and has been used in the past to treat unresponsive pets. It can also be used to treat fearsome pets. For example, animals that freak out on holidays with fireworks and other loud noises and bright lights or animals that have been abused in the past. CBD Oil can be used to de-stress or calm these types of animals down with no side effects occurring and no THC which means animals cannot get high from it.

As well as calming frightened animals down, CBD Oil can be used to give animals long-lasting protection from illnesses and other diseases such as bowel disease and can also prevent and kill cancer. This is due to the fact that CBD protects the nervous system, reduces inflammation and is good for the heart. So, in fact, giving your dog CBD Oil could increase the length of your dog’s life!

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CBD can be used as a dietary supplement

Alongside these health benefits, CBD Oil can help prevent and reduce the risk of epilepsy and seizures. In some cases, CBD Oil has been used to increase the appetite of animals that struggle to eat or refuse to eat. CBD Oil can also be used to treat skin disorders or problems with fur or nails. If your dog takes CBD with a balanced diet, not only will you see your dog much happier and full of energy but your dog’s fur will glow again and reduce the symptoms of skin illnesses quickly such as itching, flakes or excessive hair loss or malting.

happy dog

What are the recommended dosage sizes?

Often 1 or 2 drops of a CBD dropper would be sufficient for most animals but unfortunately, due to CBD research only recently surfacing for animals, the information is still being researched and refined. In addition to this, it depends on the size of your animal and what you want to use it for. With most products, the dosage sizes will be specified, if they are not then we recommend contacting the product supplier because most animals should not be subjected to the same dosage that humans receive.

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