“How much CBD Oil Should I Be Taking?” – CBD Oil Dosage Guide

"How much CBD Oil Should I Be Taking?" - CBD Oil Dosage Guide

Whether it’s your first time using CBD, if you haven’t used CBD oil before or even if you’re an experienced user of CBD, dosages can be somewhat confusing. There are lots of articles and blogs out there telling you different dosages to take. Who should you believe? Stick with us because in this blog we will help you work out the perfect CBD dosage for you.

Why is there no specific dosage?

The reason why there are so many different articles out there telling you different things are because there is not an official guided dosage. The MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) are responsible for CBD dosages in the UK and have not yet created an official serving size.

"How much CBD Oil Should I Be Taking?" - CBD Oil Dosage Guide

Unfortunately, this causes CBD users to jump in blind when dosing themselves. This, obviously, is a terrible idea when it comes to anything medical. Generally speaking most consumers estimate their dosages based on recommendations from the brand they buy or from friends and family that take it.

Every individual is different; you need to take into account certain factors. These factors include the CBD concentration, your weight and the type of condition being treated. Everyone is different. Even if you are the same weight as someone else, with the same concentration of CBD used for treating the same condition; you won’t necessarily need the same dosage due to body chemistry. So a tiny bit of trial and error should always be involved.

CBD effects the receptors in our endocannabinoid system (within our body). It’s built differently for everyone; which is why people can react differently to it. So how do you go about finding out how much you should take?

Choosing your CBD dosage

"How much CBD Oil Should I Be Taking?" - CBD Oil Dosage Guide

You can estimate your dosage size based on your weight. Generally speaking people that weigh more will need more CBD for the effects to take place.

A great criterion is to take 1-5mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight; this depends on how strongly you need to be effected. So if you were 150 pounds, a good dose of CBD to start with would be around 20 mg. You may feel this dosage isn’t right for you and it is necessary to take either more or less.

You need to take into account what concentration you are taking and how severe your pain is. Its best to start off with smaller doses and to then increase these doses gradually.

So first you need to workout how much you weigh in pounds. The next step is finding out how many mg of CBD is in whatever you are taking, this can be tricky in some cases however we have the values for our products below:


How do you measure your CBD intake alongside our CBD products?

If you are using a CBD dropper or CBD Spray, not every drop or spray will be the same so you will have to roughly estimate dosages. Here is an infographic on measuring your tincture dosages:

CBD Oil Dosage Guide - How much CBD Oil Should you take?


CBD Capsules are usually pretty self explanatory as you can identify the dosage per capsule on the packaging. Regardless, the dosages are: for a 600mg bottle = 20mg per capsule, for a 1200mg bottle = 40 mg per capsule.

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