CBD Celebrities [May 2019] – Celebrities that endorse CBD Oil

CBD Celebrities are celebrities that endorse the use of CBD oils. We think because of the work they are doing to help spread awareness of its benefits that they deserve their very own blog post! Find out in this blog why your favourite celebrities use CBD oil and how it helps them!


CBD Celebrities - Rihanna takes CBD Oil

Our first CBD Star is Rihanna! Rihanna is CBD Star that requires no introduction. She uses CBD alongside her use of marijuana and is very open about it. Despite the haters she continues to advocate the use of CBD for wider legalisation across the world.

Snoop Dogg

CBD Celebrities - Snoop Dogg takes CBD Oil

It may not come as a surprise to most of you, but Snoop Dogg is very much an advocate of CBD use and the use of weed in general. Snoop is very verbal about his use of cannabis but has also been seen with CBD or cannabis products related to health.

Olivia Wilde

CBD Celebrities - Olivia Wilde takes CBD Oil

Olivia Wilde is a popular an american actress. She likes to use CBD cream mainly for physical aches and pain/soreness after performances on the catwalk. She often applies CBD Balm Cream to her feet or neck. Walking for hours on broadway often leaves her neck tight and her feet sore. CBD soothes this pain for her and keeps her away from pain killers.

Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan is well known in USA for being an active in NFL. He is most well known for his use of CBD Oil for injury and pain from games. Morgan quoted saying, “At the foundation of what I’m talking about is player health and safety. If you want to get distracted by the stigma or what not, well that’s on you.” Morgan first took notice to use it after hearing the stories of it curing epilepsy in children. He thought if it can protect the brain and body without getting you high, he thought it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong was a popular comedian in the 1970s, a lot of his jokes circled around smoking. Chong started using CBD alongside his battle with cancer, becoming a surviver of the disease in 2012. He continues to advocate the use to this day.

CBD Stars are celebrities that endorse and are active advocates of the use of CBD, these people are the people pushing it forward! Let us know what you think, do you use CBD? Are you thinking about taking it? Get in touch with us!

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