CBD for PTSD – How CBD can relieve the symptoms of PTSD

CBD for PTSD - How can CBD relieve the symptoms of PTSD?

What is PTSD?

First of all what is PTSD? PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. It is an anxiety disorder usually caused by very stressful or frightening events. It is common for someone with PTSD to relive these traumatic events in the form of flashbacks and nightmares evoking feelings of anxiety, irritability and guilt. Anxiety, depression and insomnia all stem from PTSD, which can all be treated with CBD.

For most people with PTSD there are no direct cures to ease symptoms. Many people turn to long cognitive or exposure therapy sessions. This can be frustrating because it is not quick relief. 

Many PTSD patients have stated that CBD is a very effective alternative and fast acting relief for some of these symptoms. The great thing about CBD is that it has little to no side effects! 

CBD helps with insomnia

CBD for PTSD - How can CBD relieve the symptoms of PTSD?

CBD oil is well known for promoting healthier sleep. Insomnia is common when it comes to PTSD and many patients with it turn to sleeping pills as a cure. Sleeping pills are probably one of the most effective sedatives when it comes to sleeping but with this comes a whole host of new problems, adding more fuel to the fire. Prolonged use can lead to addiction which if you can get off them leads to an even worse problem of rebound insomnia. 

CBD is a far safer option for deeper, more restful sleep. It has been proven useful in managing sleep disorders. It proves as a natural remedy to insomnia by producing more melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced that helps control your sleep cycle, increasing melatonin levels induces better quality sleep.

CBD Oil eases PTSD-induced anxiety and depression

CBD for PTSD - How can CBD relieve the symptoms of PTSD?

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress that may be perceived to threaten our well-being. Millions of people across the globe suffer from anxiety. It can effect people differently but when it comes into your everyday life and effects your everyday situations it can be a real pain to deal with. 

CBD is a vital tool for fighting anxiety and reducing it in quick succession. It regulates serotonin levels, which can improve your mood whilst also regenerating neurons in your brain, reducing levels of anxiety. The great thing about CBD is it can be very fast acting and has great short-term effects. 

People with PTSD feel calmer using CBD

CBD for PTSD - How can CBD relieve the symptoms of PTSD?

People who suffer from PTSD may experience a condition called hypervigilance. It’s essentially a state of anxiety that causes your senses to feel more enhanced. It is usually caused by mental health problems or some kid of trauma. This is a common symptom that derives from PTSD.

As well as its calming effects, CBD can actually reduce learned fear. What this basically means is it can remove averse memories, or memories that are linked to traumatic or fearful experiences.

In conclusion, CBD is great tool for tackling PTSD and all the nasty effects that directly come with it. It provides a natural alternative for quick relief.

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