How can you be sure you are buying CBD Oil from a safe supplier?

How can you be sure you are buying CBD Oil from a safe supplier?
How can you be sure you are buying CBD Oil from a safe supplier?

CBD Oil is fairly new to the market and is on the rise as you are reading this blog. Unfortunately since it is so new there is so much that people don’t know about it. Because of this, people don’t know who to turn to when purchasing a CBD related product. Who can you trust? 

Most people that are wanting to first get their hands on the product simply go to Google and type in “CBD oil” and there you go, a list of a thousand different shops and companies all selling CBD products. How many of these companies give a guarantee that their product is certified? 

Diving in and blindly picking CBD Oil from the first company you see is just about the worse thing you can do. Would you do the same for your other drugs? CBD Oil is a drug after all. This makes it 10x worse if bought from a dodgy supplier or company.  It could be potentially dangerous if bought from the wrong supplier as not all companies test their CBD products for the correct cannabinoid potency.

Who should you trust?

How can you be sure you are buying CBD Oil from a safe supplier?

Unfortunately the CBD market is price driven in many ways. It can be a real challenge to find appropriately priced products since it is so new. A lot of new buyers find it difficult to pinpoint a baseline price for CBD products because of such a large price range so tend to go for the cheapest option or the “best deal”. This is mistake number two. 

CBD companies can be really shady with how they sell their products. Companies and business will fuel their products from different suppliers, there is not a one-stop shop for all CBD supplies, and even for businesses this can differ. Unfortunately because of this, companies have been called out in the past for selling CBD products with incorrect levels. Some companies have even been selling their products with no CBD in whatsoever! This catches out first time buyers especially as they have no idea what the product can do for them and can be given what is called the placebo effect.

If you are sold CBD products with less or more than in than expected then obviously you are not getting what you paid for! It can also be dangerous if companies decide to substitute the oil for other things, you really don’t know! 

How can you avoid uncertainty? 

How can you be sure you are buying CBD Oil from a safe supplier?

The only real way you can narrow your options down is to find a certified CBD supplier. How do you do this? Most companies that stay true to their word on CBD should have a section on their site that is dedicated to show professional product testing has been done. A page that guarantees their CBD is authentic. You can find our page here where we have lab reports of our tests done with Canna Foundation.

When you select a CBD supplier, make sure to review their website and marketing materials to ensure they are compliant with the FDA. CBD manufacturers are not permitted to make any health claims about CBD or the other ingredients used in their products. Companies that do are in direct violation of FDA regulations.

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