Why are athletes turning to CBD for recovery from Sport?

CBD Oil for recovery

CBD Oil has gained popularity across the globe for numerous reasons. One reason that it has gained mass amounts of popularity for its use in sport. Athletes have turned to CBD for recovery in sports and to combat a whole host of other sporting related issues.

What can CBD do for athletes?

CBD oil can boost endurance. It may sound strange, but tests have been done to show that CBD can reduce anxiety to the extent that an athlete’s performance can be improved. This works wonders for athletes that are often doing shows and competitions since the nerves before a public event can often hinder an athlete’s performance.

CBD for recovery from Sport?
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Did we mention that CBD is vegan? You heard us right! Vegan athletes can use it for it’s benefit!

What can CBD do for Athletes after competing?

CBD is thought to be one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements that there is on the market right now. It allows muscles to heal and get much stronger than regular supplements.

Another advantage from taking CBD Oil is that it massively improves sleep and can actually be used as a cure to insomnia. Sleep is incredibly important to athletes, as you need sleep for your muscles to rest and grow. When you sleep a hormone is produced called Melatonin, this facilitates muscle recovery and growth. CBD can improve sleep and facilitate the production of Melatonin.

CBD for recovery from Sport?

CBD oil can also relieve muscle fatigue. During vigorous exercise muscles rub against each other; this can create muscle soreness after long periods of time. As the muscle continues to rub, it can tear and you begin to feel fatigued. Inflammation occurs when the muscle is damaged or pulled, it can become difficult to heal until the inflammation has been eased, that’s why CBD can come in handy.

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