Lab Reports

Why we test our Products


We believe at Greenfingers CBD you have the right to know exactly what you are buying. You should be confident that you are purchasing a product with the right advertised amount of CBD. You also need to know you are buying a legal product, without an illegal quantity of THC (the intoxicating compound in cannabis). That’s why we test all our products for cannabinoids potency by one of the world leading scientific researchers in canabidiol testing which is Canna Foundation.

Cannabinoid Test

All our products are tested for cannabinoid potency, to show that the amount of CBD your getting in every product is the correct amount. In general, the tested cannabinoids are: 







THC (Total)

– CBD (Total)



Our products are standardised to contain specific amounts of cannabinoids per product. We lab test all of our products to ensure quality and consistency.